Vilage Winery Niagara Mist

niagara mist

General Kit Information

Labels:  Sold Separately Completed:  4 Weeks Volume:  7.5L / 1.98 US GAL

A uniquely refreshing wine beverage with a bold splash of ripe fruit.

The Niagara name has become synonymous with incredible wines and wonderfully tasty fruits. Niagara Mist™ combines famous wine varietals with sassy fruit flavours. These delightfully light and refreshing, exciting combinations are the perfect beverage choice for any occasion.

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Red Wines

Black Cherry
Sweetness:  6 Alcohol:  7% Oak:  None Body:  Light

You'll enjoy the characteristics of fresh red berries and luscious black cherries. Pair this fruit forward wine with a salmon topped salad for a culinary delight.

Sweetness:  6 Alcohol:  7% Oak:  None Body:  Light

The intense fruit flavours and refreshing notes of blackberry dance on the palate. This slightly bold fruity wine will harmonize with the spicy flavours of beef empanadas and spicy meat pies.

Melon Berry
Sweetness:  6 Alcohol:  7% Oak:  None Body:  Light

Lush blueberry, raspberry, and honeyberry flavours are accented by cool watermelon notes to create this chill, light bodied wine. Jammy, juicy, and refreshing with a slightly tangy finish, enjoy Melon Berry on its own or pair with a charcuterie board.


Sweetness:  6 Alcohol:  7% Oak:  None Body:  Light

This smooth wine has invigorating fruit flavours of plump sun-ripened berries combined with natural blackberry character. A perfect sweet and velvety beverage for summer sipping with a grilled burger on the side.


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