Cooking With Wine

  1. Beef Stew with a Twist– by Liz Silva-Hall
    Serve this bountiful meal after a cool winter’s day!
  2. Chicken Italiano– by Liz Silva-Hall
    Herbs, spices, and wine, all coming together to create masterpieces of delicious and mouth watering food!
  3. Figs Atop a Cloud– by Liz Silva-Hall
    A dessert that is decadent and rich, both in flavour and aroma!
  4. Golden Scallops– by Liz Silva-Hall
    A great addition to a red meat dish.
  5. Mushroom Stuff– by Liz Silva-Hall
    What better way to entertain your guests than some great and quick food!
  6. Pineapple Explosion– by Liz Silva-Hall
    This recipe will have you smiling from ear to ear.
  7. Pork Roast with Style– by Liz Silva-Hall
    If you are going to eat in then do it with style!
  8. Rubies On Ice– by Liz Silva-Hall
    To finish the meal, a dessert on ice is especially nice!
  9. Spring Salad– by Liz Silva-Hall
    As fresh as spring itself.
  10. Strawberry Elixir– by Liz Silva-Hall
    A heavanly dessert that is not to be missed.
  11. Tomato and Basil Savoury– by Liz Silva-Hall
    A meal of mouth-watering proportions!
  12. Autumn Chicken Potato Salad– by Liz Silva Hall
    Serve this refreshing salad on the side, or enjoy as a meal on its own.
  13. Cha Cha Chicken– by Liz Silva Hall
    This recipe says goodbye Summer and hello Autumn with bursts of flavour and fun!
  14. Lamb Chops Kissed by Thyme & Rosemary– by Liz Silva Hall
    Don’t put your BBQ away. Here’s a delicious recipe to keep you warm on those cool nights.
  15. Seafood Sensation– by Liz Silva Hall
    A delicious seafood dish to that is quick and easy to make.