Village Winery European Select


General Kit Information
Labels: Not Included Completed: 4 Weeks Volume: 7.5L / 1.98 US GAL
European Select™ brings the exhilarating flavours and aromas of Europe’s distinguished vineyards to your glass. Made from premium imported grape concentrates, European Select™ has earned a loyal following with its consistent, outstanding quality and unique variety of styles. Complete with everything you need to create a wine of extraordinary character in as little as 28 days. European Select™ will be served proudly to friends and family and will be remembered for years to come.


Cabernet Merlot Style

Alcohol:  11.5% Oak:  Yes Body:  Medium

A well known blend of the two of the most popular grape styles in the world – rich, dry Cabernet and fruity, soft Merlot. Warm, full bodied, with a berry bouquet. Includes premium oak

Cabernet Sauvignon Style

Alcohol:  11.5% Oak:  Yes Body:  Medium

This famous red wine is deep in colour with a bold tannic character. Full of berry and black currant flavours. Includes premium oak

Chardonnay Style

Alcohol:  11.5% Oak:  Yes Body:  Medium

Full of ripe fruit with an underlying hint of oak. A medium bodied wine with smooth flavours of ripe apple and followed by a crisp finish. Include premium oak.

Merlot Style

Alcohol:  11.5% Oak:  Yes Body:  Medium

A smooth red wine boasting flavours of blackberry and black currant. Includes premium oak

Pinot Grigio Style

Alcohol:  11.5% Oak:  None Body:  Medium

A majestically soft, dry white wine that is low in acid with slight peach flavours. Will not require aging.

Pinot Noir Style

Alcohol:  11.5% Oak:  None Body:  Light

An elegant, dry wine with aromas of raspberry and cherry. Rich in complexity with velvety flavours full of spices and fruit.

Riesling Style

Sweetness:  Off-Dry Alcohol:  11.5% Oak:  None Body:  Light

Gentle floral and fruity aromas are followed by sweet citrus flavours in this crisp, off-dry white.

Sauvignon Blanc Style

Alcohol:  11.5% Oak:  None Body:  Medium

A dry, medium bodied delicate wine which is growing in popularity. Smooth and full flavoured with subtle grassy, herbal aromas.


Alcohol:  11.5% Oak:  Yes Body:  Medium

Full, rich fruit flavours are in this ruby red Italian styled wine. Dry, and medium bodied. Includes premium oak.

Vieux Château du Roi

Alcohol:  11.5% Oak:  None Body:  Medium

A robust, yet smooth full bodied wine with a bouquet of ripe berries and flavours of plum. This wine will age well. Includes elderberries